The Objective of the award is:-

  • To benefit Sport and the Arts in Langholm and Eskdale by making awards to enable clubs, groups and societies to increase the number of their participants, improve their facilities and raise the standards they can achieve. 

  • To enable highly talented individuals and teams to fulfil their potential by making awards to cover travelling expenses to competitions and to meet the cost of obtaining specialist coaching. 

  • To enable arts venues and groups to promote innovative exhibitions and performances which need financial support. 

  • To focus on the development of young people. 

The awards may cover the costs of:-

  •  Buying new equipment

  • Modernising existing facilities

  • Hiring specialist coaches and training local members to become coaches

  • Travelling expenses for specialist coaching and training

  • Travelling expenses to competitions for talented individuals and teams

  • Innovative arts exhibitions and performances

  • Taster sessions for activities to establish whether there is sufficient interest to form a specialist club, group or society


The awards will not cover:-

  • Administration costs
  • Projects which neither raise standards nor increase the number of participants